Lifestyle Therapy Rise and Recline Chair Range please call for more details.

 The ultimate in Massage Therapy (Oscillating) 3way Massage action Horizontal,Vertical and Circular resulting in a deep, penetrating therapeutic Massage.

                                           MADE TO MEASURE CHAIRS
All of our bespoke rise and recline chairs and beds are available in various sizes you can choose the seat height, seat width, seat depth and back height (minimum and maximum measurements vary depending on your choice of motor)
MOTOR OPTIONS all of the chairs in our rise and recliner range can be fitted with either a single motor which operates the footrest and backrest together, dual motors that operate the footrest and backrest independently of each-other (with a dual motor option the chair can be set to a horizontal sleep position) or the wall hugger motor allowing the chair to be positioned just 4 inches away from a wall and still be fully reclined.


Our new ROLAX Chair is being launched at the Interiors 2012 Show.

This new and exclusive back massager chair uses the revolutionary ROLAX roller technological massage system that naturally flows and presses the contours of the person’s back and spinal areas.

The benefits of the ROLAX massage:

  • Helps to soothe daily aches and pains
  • Improves circulation
  • Enhances relaxation
  • Gives the perfect back massage
  • Available in all of our fabric coverings
  • Available with our ‘safety barrier option’

Rolax Massage System

10 Point Massage System

10 Point Relaxer and Heat Massage

  1. Upper Back and Shoulder Area
  2. Lumber bottom of Back
  3. Back of Upper Leg
  4. Back of Knee
  5. Ankle / bottom of Leg
  6. Heat Pad (HP) - Lumber area bottom of back (hi or lo heat option)

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